Day One and… Now What?

Well, the NHL is dealing with a flat cap and we are seeing how much the world has changed early in this 2020 off season. The big names were usually gone the first day in. Without an allowance for negotiations before day one of free agency, with half the league paralyzed by cap issues, here we are seeing so many big names still out there.

Taylor Hall is talking to numerous teams. He may take less money and less tern that would normally be expected. The same can be said of other top six forwards who are still without a contract.

Maybe we will see all of the big names signed over the weekend. Maybe we have already seen a low-key signing that will be a difference maker next season. There are still a number of goaltenders available who may help teams out, though there are a couple who may simply not have the upside at this stage of their careers to expect offers during this unusual off season.

I am looking forward to seeing what Tyler Johnson news we will see tomorrow after his placement on the waiver wire today. Tampa is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the cap. Is this the year it finally catches up to them?